Friends of the Up-Island Council on Aging

Ode to the Howes House

Aging’s not the bed of roses

Everyone who’s young supposes;

Quicker than one might expect,

The years and eons take effect –

But what a huge relief to know

There’s somewhere special you can go!

The Howes House plays a special part

In many things, and here’s a start:

It’s friendly people on the phone

Reminding you you’re not alone;

It’s someone who can ease the stress

Of dealing with the IRS;

It’s days made brighter with a smidge

Of yoga, bellydance or bridge –

And nothing quite dispels the blues

Like lunch with friends, exchanging news!

Before you know it, saint or cynic,

You could use the Wellness Clinic;

Even with your brand-new hip,

Enjoy a Falmouth shopping trip.

No medicine in spoon or cup

Can keep the years from adding up

But luck us, we’re proud to say,

The Howes house isn’t far away!



The Friends of the Up-Island Council on Aging work to supplement the many offerings that Howes House provides to promote the well-being of the more than 2000 up-island seniors!